Hello. We help London's asset managers, lawyers and consultants provide IT excellence to their employees

Strategic IT ReviewGet the big picture

We have a process to gain board level consensus on what is important, what can be fixed right now and where you need a plan.

This lets CEOs and board level colleagues

Create governance around remote working
Integrate or streamline Microsoft 365
Assess what they've got and need
Find efficiencies in their portfolio

We are all about IT performance. We specialise in Microsoft 365 and Azure hosting

Everything we do is measurable, strategic and user-centric.

We work with time-poor CEOs and operations directors to help them get performance and value from all their technology.

Bedroq 365

Clients choose to work with us because... Everything we do is measurable, strategic and customer-centric and we...

  • Only work with board level sponsors to make sure expectations and investment are always aligned
  • Give them visibility of performance via dashboards showing security posture, productivity, QOS and cost per head
  • Believe customer-centric services means (as well as great account management and strategic advice) the following…

"User-first" service

When someone contacts the helpdesk we don’t waste time on entitlement management we just get on and solve the issue as quickly as we can.

Your contract terms

If you want a six month trial and short contract it’s your choice. If you want a longer term that’s fine too. We’ll work with you to agree terms that suit us both.

No penalties to leave

If you do decide to leave we will make it easy for you. There are many reasons to change IT provider and there’s no reason clients shouldn’t leave painlessly.

If you’re wondering where to start with a project or unsure what the right priorities are, get in touch.