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Bedroq CoreSecure, reliable, scalable

Bedroq Core is our managed hosting service, providing a solid grounding for all Bedroq managed service solutions as well as being a standalone option for any hosting requirement. There are three hosting options to choose from: Public cloud, on-premise, or our private cloud hosting option, based out of Home Office approved data centres and managed by security cleared staff. The range of options available means we can design a solution that meets all our clients’ requirements in the most cost-effective way.

Bedroq Core Hosting Options

There are many benefits to choosing a managed hosting service – The infrastructure and hardware will be managed for you, giving you time to focus on the critical operations of your organisation. Bedroq personnel are on hand 24/7, and the risk of operational downtime is drastically reduced due to the combination of resilient and reliable infrastructure and proactive monitoring. With security as our highest priority, your data will be safe and stored in compliance to relevant national and industry standards.

Bedroq Core Rocks
Resilient and reliable hosting and data storage – vastly reducing the risk of operational downtime
Security is our highest priority – your data will be safe and compliant with relevant national standards
We’ll manage the infrastructure so you don’t have to, giving you time to focus on business-critical work instead
Support from highly skilled Bedroq personnel, with expertise available 24/7
Proactive monitoring, reporting and management dashboards
Rapidly deployable and simple to scale – ready to keep up with organisational requirements
Bedroq Core Rocks

Digital transformation for operational performance

We’ll manage the technology for you, allowing you to focus on the work that will have the greatest operational impact for your organisation. Bedroq Core provides a solid platform for the following scenarios:

Secure data storage

For all the organisations we work with, their strength lies in the data they hold, and their ability to use this data to their best advantage. Having a secure, reliable platform on which to store this data is critical. With Bedroq’s commitment to security, displayed through our ISO standards and Home-Office approval, you’ll have peace of mind that your data is safe.

CCTV and ANPR systems

The connectivity and backup that supports high-functioning CCTV and ANPR systems relies on an effective hosting platform. Bedroq Core hosts Video Management Systems, application interfaces, and Back Office Facilities (BOF) for CCTV and ANPR. Ease of scalability means additional cameras and systems are easily added.

Video Evidence Storage

High-security organisations such as police or nuclear sites are constantly producing video files that need to be stored in a compliant way for evidence purposes. We’re experts in advising the best, most cost-effective ways to store this data and can automate processes for dealing with all levels of classified video data.

Interface management

The organisations we work with have many systems and applications, all performing critical tasks. Bedroq Core offers a secure hub point that is fully managed, resilient and reliable, to store and connect all of these systems and apps together. Rely on us to host the platform for you, giving you time to focus on mission-critical tasks.

Some of our recent projects utilising Bedroq Core

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