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EP Langage – High-speed broadband

EP Langage – High-speed broadband

Providing a Temporary High-Speed Broadband Connection to Langage Power Station

The Challenge

With an additional 100 contractors temporarily working on-site at Langage Power Station during a shutdown period, the site’s connectivity was found to be insufficient to accommodate the higher demand. This therefore meant that a temporary high-speed broadband connection would be needed to provide a connection for the duration of the shutdown.

Any connection installed would need to be reliable, secure, cost effective and offer at least 2Mbps symmetrical, with minimal latency.

The Solution

Working to a very tight time schedule, Bedroq initially performed a physical wireless site survey to develop accurate wireless path predictions in order to ensure performance of the recommended wireless solution.

The survey had to take into consideration the locations involved, obstructions to line of sight, any points of wireless interference, as well as other critical variables that needed to be addressed to assure path calculations match the ‘real-world’ environment.

From this, the Bedroq team were able to design a temporary wireless solution that would transmit a high-speed broadband internet connection from an area within a fibre broadband infrastructure, to Langage Power Station, some miles away. This provided Langage Power Station with 100Mbps download and 10Mbps upload broadband solution, giving the extra bandwidth needed to accommodate the temporary workers.

For security and resilience, the connection ran through a firewall and the equipment was protected by an Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) unit and surge protectors to minimise the risk of failure.

As this was a time critical project with a quick turnaround required, the installation to connect, configure and commission the wireless solution was achieved within two working days. Bedroq’s own certified wireless engineers (who are fully trained on working at height regulations, IPAF certified and are certified mast riggers), carried out the installation.

At the end of the shutdown period, the Bedroq engineers were able to remove the temporary connection quickly for the equipment to be re-used on other projects.

The Benefits

  • Provides a temporary, secure high-speed Broadband Connection
  • Quick to install – rather than waiting for fibre to be laid
  • Low capital expenditure
  • Eliminates reoccurring leased line costs – the technology is owned by the customer, rather than leasing it
  • Flexibility of moving the technology when no longer needed
  • ROI achieved quickly as the technology can be re-used on other temporary projects
  • No long-term contracts that are difficult to exit
  • 99.999% reliability