CIPSA Five Day Surveillance System Training – January

CIPSA is a 5 day entry-level course and provides a basic introduction to the Internet Protocol (IP) and the use of IP enabled equipment for overt and covert surveillance.

This is delivered as a mixture of theory and hands on practical exercises. The culmination of the course is the live setup and operation of an IP based surveillance system that the delegates build and fault find.

This course has been specifically produced to address the training needs of all law enforcement technical personnel involved in surveillance.

Delegates will learn:

  • The advantages of IP digital surveillance
  • Basic IP networks concepts
  • Advanced IP networks
  • Basic IP and network fault finding
  • IP surveillance overview
  • IP product transmission, codec, and IP camera
  • Wireless IP product transmission and distribution
  • IP distribution of product
  • IP security
  • IP using electricity
  • Comparison of IP camera technologies

Who should attend

This course is essential for anyone involved in the design, implementation or support of law enforcement surveillance systems. A basic understanding of audio, video and telemetry is assumed, but is not a prerequisite of this course.



Technical Director


Senior Technical Architect