How to enable secure remote working using Windows Virtual Desktop

30/06/2020 11.00-11.30am

Introduction to cloud-based Microsoft 365 experience

Your familiar desktop and applications rendered on any device

As shifting between actual desktop, laptops or other devices becomes the norm, more people are considering how best to enable access to their business applications in the cloud.

In this 30 minute session we’ll demonstrate how Windows Virtual Desktop allows staff to use their own devices to safely access all business applications whilst keeping licence costs down.

We’ll show how simple it is to implement and help you consider which members of your team really need the ‘full fat version’ of Windows 10.  For many field workers, web based access is the quickest and most secure way to work remotely.

We will cover:

  • An introduction to how Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop works and points of difference from alternative solutions
  • Scenarios to illustrate where Microsoft WVD could provide greater flexibility and scalability in an uncertain post-Covid economy
  • A quick demonstration of how easy it is for non-technical managers to onboard or remove users and change permissions
  • An overview of some of the key security features of Microsoft Azure
  • Guidance on who may already be eligible for WVD through their existing licencing agreement

Bedroq Host

Microsoft Host


John Papadakis, Windows Expert