An Introduction to Multi-Factor Authentication

The growth of homeworking presents unique challenges for cybersecurity

In this 30 minute session we focused on how best to secure your remote workforce using multi-factor authentication (MFA).  We showed  how it works and how businesses are using it as a safer way to secure their environment.

Frequent password changes can use up lots of administration time as people forget their new, hard-to-remember passwords. Multi-factor authentication (MFA) means your access is dependent on two or more things.  Typically, knowledge (a password), possession (verification on a device) and inherence (actually being that individual). MFA is more secure than reliance on just a password and, with the right technical controls in place provides relatively frictionless, user friendly secure access to your business applications.

The webinar covered:

  • What is MFA and why is it important?
  • Why use MFA?
  • Different types of MFA
  • Current phishing environment and part MFA plays in securing your business

Bedroq Host

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Matt Blackwell

Teams Expert, Microsoft