Making the most of Teams – how to configure the back end for optimum security

23/06/2020 11.00-11.30am
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This webinar is 30 minutes of intense practical advice on how to configure Microsoft Teams for your business.  In it we use a live demo environment to talk through things like security settings, data loss prevention policies and how to get security controls right for federation with third parties.

Following the format of a live demo, we show how to implement basic to more complex policies using the Teams Admin Centre:

  • Configure Teams for your organisation
  • Personalising security settings
  • Putting in place data loss prevention policies

We hope you will get some good ideas from these bite-sized sessions, but as ever, if there’s anything you’d like to pick up in a one to one, do get in touch

If you were unable to attend but would like to view the content, you can watch the recording here…

Bedroq Host

Microsoft Host

Matthew Bond

Teams Expert, Microsoft