Microsoft Teams: how to use all features for maximum productivity

25/08/2020 11.00-11.30am
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Everyone is using Teams these days, even the CEO is excited by it but some of us are just muddling through…

Using a live demo environment, we took 30 minutes and showed how to use the co-authoring, meeting and collaboration tools that are the ‘bedrock’ of Microsoft Teams.

If you’re only using the most obvious features, this webinar recording will show how other applications such as Trello or Dropbox can be easily integrated, how to store and access information easily and best ways to keep up to date with streams of activity.

The content is broken into five sections

The video is just 30 minutes and starts with an introduction to the principles of ‘data residency’ or where data stored or created in Teams lives and resides.  It covers the six functional pillars sharing quick start tips and best practice application of

  1. Activities
  2. Chat
  3. Teams
  4. Calendar
  5. Calls
  6. Files

Mark Flynn, Strategic Advisor

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Matt Blackwell

Teams Expert, Microsoft