The role of technology in high security and government accredited control rooms

16/06/2022 11.00-11.45am
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The role of technology in high security and government accredited control rooms

Join technical experts from Bedroq and Barco to hear about how specialised control room technology can be used in highly regulated control room environments to improve operational effectiveness.

When control room operatives are having to access multiple disparate systems in order to gather the information they need, it can take a long time to make critical decisions. In the case of highly secure control rooms dealing with classified data, this process can take even longer. In this webinar we’ll be discussing how organisations can make this process more efficient, without compromising their data security requirements.

Join us to discover:

  • How technology can used to consolidate information and be integrated into secure processes
  • How other organisations are tackling the challenge of highly regulated control room environments
  • Ways of enabling better, faster decision-making within your organisation

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About Barco

View better, share faster, resolve quicker: that’s what Barco helps control room operators achieve every day. Barco has been building control room visualization and collaboration solutions since 1994 for a variety of industries. Today, they are still the number one choice for control room professionals who want to stay on top of their situational awareness.

About Bedroq

Bedroq provide critical technology solutions built on solid foundations. We help organisations that rely on technology for critical operations, achieve and maintain a high-performance steady state. Challenging geographies, covert operations or highly regulated environments mean the solutions we provide are mostly bespoke, but our tried and tested processes, underpinned and audited by ISO 27001 standards, mean they are delivered consistently.



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