Improve your defences starting with a Security Review Workshop

A one-day interactive workshop where you’ll work with one of the Bedroq technical team to analyse the security features you already have in place, and find the gaping holes where attackers can still find a way in.

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Bedroq security review workshop

Security Review WorkshopMaximise your defences

Cyber security risk is consistently cited by CEOs as their top concern, and it’s easy to see why. With 4 in 10 businesses reporting a cyber attack in the last 12 months, and threats constantly evolving, it can be difficult to know how best to protect your business.

Strengthen your position by understanding the lines of defence you already have in place. Our cyber security experts will guide you through the Security Review Workshop step-by-step to give you a complete picture of your security environment and how it can be improved.

Bedroq security review workshop

Work with a cyber security expertto find out where you could be duplicating your investment

We often find that businesses are duplicating their investment into separate security and productivity tools which are doing the same job. Finding and resolving these duplications is a good way to save your business money in the long run.

Discover the tools you already have in place
Cancel any redundant software
Configure settings to maximise value
Find immediate cost savings
Plan for IT
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Make sure you're fully protected by checking the requirements of your cyber insurance policy

Cyber insurance coverage can be complex and difficult to understand. When an attack occurs, many businesses struggle to understand their coverage after the breach. Many policies won’t pay out unless you can prove you have managed your cyber security effectively.

Review your policy requirements
Find out what your obligations are
Identify and implement requirements
Summarise actions taken
security review workshop insurance

Benefit from a security expert's viewto discover how your technology environment could be at risk

This stage of the assessment is designed to scope out areas where your existing cyber security could be improved, discovering any holes in your environment which could leave you open to attack.

Documented security status
Strategic recommendations on what's needed
Action plan to improve overall security
Understand what needs to be done next
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Bedroq security workshop users

Keep your data safe by turning your users from a liability to your first line of defence

We’ll recommend a combination of technology and training to encourage users to help themselves stay safe. For many organisations, making sure data can’t be lost or stolen is critical to business survival – a business without data might be a business gone bust.

User knowledge and training
Identify phishing risks
Audit external data sharing
Email safety and security
Bedroq security workshop users

4 in 10 businesses reported a data breach in the last 12 months take a proactive first step towards defending your organisation

During the Security Review Workshop you will be assigned a member of the Bedroq technical team to work with you and provide valuable insights into your existing cyber security setup. After the workshop, you will receive a report with our findings, recommendations and actions to be taken to improve the security of your IT environment. You can take this report to work through in your own time, or continue to work with Bedroq to carry out the recommended changes.

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