We believe IT performance is dependent on Eight Rocks ...and that what gets measured gets managed

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The Eight RocksA short assessment to get started

This short diagnostic can be conducted face to face or virtually and is designed to get leaders and investors aligned behind the right priorities, cost savings and investment decisions.  There are no cost implications with this other than a mutual investment of time.

Identify right priorities
Find immediate cost savings
Agree next steps for investment
Specialist SMEs

The Bedroq Maturity IndexA full technical audit

A thorough technical audit of your IT estate run by an interim IT director who works alongside you or for you depending on internal capacity.   The outcome of this process is a detailed understanding of your environment, some quick wins identified and a longer term roadmap

Detailed understanding of environment
Quick wins identified and implemented
Longer term roadmap
Bedroq IT for High Performance

Three good reasons to review your IT environment and get into good shape for 2022

The recession is starting to bite.  IT provision needs to be right sized in line with new budgets, new headcounts and new ways of working.  Those that get ahead of the game will emerge stronger from the current situation and be well placed to catch the wave whenever that happens.

IT strategy review Tick

Changing workplace

The past couple of years have shown us that change can happen faster than we realise and that it’s not all welcome change or change that we’d planned for!

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Democratised technology

Business applications can be owned by non-IT managers and there are many ways to provide remote access that are  flexible and secure.

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Still big challenges ahead

The Eight Rocks exercise is a chance to get agreement on areas you can save costs and where you should be investing for future survival.

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