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Energy Network – May 2024

In this webinar we are joined by Bedroq’s Senior Technical Architect, Michael Crabtree, to talk about how to build resilience into your existing sites and as you acquire more assets, to future-proof your operations.

Building Resilience: Navigating Challenges in the UK Renewable Energy Sector

Bedroq’s Energy Network is a series of webinars in which we review and discuss challenges faced by those working in the Energy sector, along with an insight into the technology that can be used to overcome these challenges.

In this webinar we will discuss:

  • Why resilience is important for the UK Renewables Sector
  • The value of creating a business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) process
  • How you can plan ahead and avoid a single point of failure (SPOF)
  • Examples of key areas to focus your resources on building resilience for (e.g. Networks, Power, Telephony, Internet, etc.)
  • How Bedroq can support you to think long-term and build resilience into your existing and future assets and sites.

This webinar is part of Bedroq’s Energy Network Series (watch our past events here) and has been designed to benefit those with responsibility for the production and delivery of the UK’s Energy supply.