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How to use Microsoft Teams ‘Live Events’ feature to keep company culture alive

Making the most of Microsoft Teams

Using ‘Live Events’ to keep company culture alive

Technology can’t replace what the workplace provides but there are lots of ways technology can be deployed to replicate community, camaraderie and shared purpose. Now, more than ever, as the screw tightens, keeping culture alive matters a lot.

In this 30 minute webinar we talked about how to set up and use  the Teams Live Events feature.

Teams Live Events are sessions that can genuinely help keep your team connected, happy and supported.   Whether you are tech-savvy or an average Microsoft user, it is easy and quick to organise real-time, virtual gatherings or training sessions which use fully integrated video and content streaming, to make sessions highly interactive.

In this 30 minute demo we covered:

  • Live event types – scheduled sessions and impromptu
  • Event group roles – live streaming events can have several people working behind the scenes
  • Who can create live events? Permissions and set up requirements
  • Who can attend live events?  Inviting third parties, internal teams