Law Enforcement Briefing

Law Enforcement Briefing – CCTV

In this webinar we’re be joined by Bedroq’s Senior Technical Architect, Michael Crabtree, to discuss the role of technology in successful law enforcement operations.

How Cumbria Constabulary will be supporting operations with fully managed CCTV

Bedroq have been awarded the contract to provide a fully managed public space CCTV service for Cumbria Constabulary. In addition to managing the full service from cameras to data storage, Bedroq will be providing Appearance Search technology to improve the effectiveness of police operations across the county. With an area of 2634 square miles to police, Cumbria will be using video analytics built into their CCTV platform to give them improved coverage and ability to find vulnerable people.

In this webinar we discuss:

  • How CCTV data can be hosted securely and compliantly
  • The range of options available for externally or internally managed CCTV
  • How Appearance Search technology can be used to speed up active investigations
  • An overview of how Bedroq will be supporting Cumbria Constabulary