Law Enforcement Briefing

Law Enforcement Briefing – Cloud Hosting

In this webinar we’re joined by Bedroq’s Senior Technical Architect, Michael Crabtree, to discuss the role of technology in successful law enforcement operations.

How to make cloud hosting work for police and law enforcement organisations

Bedroq work with police forces all over the UK, and the feedback we often hear is that the cloud hosting options police personnel are being asked to use are costly, complicated, and not fit for purpose. In this Briefing, Michael talks about the various cloud hosting options available and help you to identify the best solution for your organisation.

The Briefing includes:

  • An overview of the differences between on-premise, private cloud, and public cloud hosting
  • Examples of how you can use a combination of cloud hosting options to get the right fit for your data
  • How you can store Official and Secret classified data securely and compliantly
  • Real-world examples of how Bedroq are able to host software in our Police Approved Secure Facility data centre