Microsoft Teams

Using Microsoft Teams Live Events to Keep Company Culture Alive

It seems Peter Drucker was on to something when he said “Culture eats strategy for breakfast”.  But, with most people now working remotely, the challenges of creating and maintaining company culture are evident.

We’re hearing that businesses are struggling to bring on new team members, particularly those new to the world of work such as box fresh grads.  But it isn’t just the younger team members that are struggling, more experience employees have reported feeling cut off, out of the loop and generally de-motivated.

Whilst technology can’t solve all your business challenges right now, used well, it can make life a heck of a lot easier.

In this 30 minute webinar we take you through how to set and use the Microsoft Teams ‘Live Event’ functionality.

Teams Live Events are sessions that can genuinely help keep your team connected, happy and supported.   Whether you are tech-savvy or an average Microsoft user, it is easy and quick to organise real-time, virtual gatherings or training sessions which use fully integrated video and content streaming, to make sessions highly interactive.