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Rock stack

We are BedroqCritical IT built on solid foundations

We help organisations that rely on technology for critical operations, achieve and maintain a high performance steady state.

Power installations, police forces and fund managers require robust, reliable, low risk IT foundations.  They can’t be ‘switching it off and switching it on again’ in the hope things will work.

Technology that works. First time.

No two organisations or projects are exactly alike. Challenging geographies, covert operations or highly regulated environments mean the solutions we provide are mostly non-standard, but our tried and tested processes mean they are delivered consistently.

Getting the foundations right is a critical success factor

For us this means paying close attention to the outcome clients need, meticulous scoping and discovery, up-front investment in solution design and a rigorous approach to testing.

Test, test, test is our mantra and it’s why our solutions work first time

Rock stack

SD-WAN for Law Enforcement

SD-WAN actively monitors and moves traffic across multiple bearers to improve the performance & reliability from front end cameras. It integrates seamlessly with IPSEC encryption ensuring that all is encrypted in transit.

Bedroq assisted Avon & Somerset Constabulary by implementing SD-WAN for active control over the transfer of mission critical data during the 2021 G7 summit.


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