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How-to: Breakout Rooms in MS Teams

How-to: Breakout rooms in Microsoft Teams

This is the first in a series of Bedroq ‘How-to’ videos, where Bedroq will take you through some of the latest features discussed in our What’s New in Microsoft 365 webinars.

In this video you learn how to setup breakout rooms in your Microsoft Teams meetings.

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Why should you use breakout rooms in your meetings?

By using breakout rooms you can create an interactive environment where your team can have focused conversations, work on group activities, and build connections. It’s almost like recreating the energy of face-to-face interactions but from the comfort of your own space.

Picture this: you’re hosting a virtual meeting with a large group of people, and you want meaningful discussions, to encourage teamwork, and boost participant engagement. Well, that’s where breakout rooms come in. These virtual spaces within Microsoft Teams allow you to divide your participants into smaller groups, giving everyone a chance to collaborate and share their ideas.

When people are in smaller groups, they feel more comfortable expressing their thoughts, asking questions, and engaging in more meaningful discussions. This leads to increased participation and a more inclusive meeting experience.

Teams Breakout rooms Step-by-step guide:

  1. Join your MS Teams meeting
  2. Along the top of your screen, you will find the Breakout Rooms feature.
  3. Click it to open the panel on the right where you can choose the number of rooms you need and select to assign automatically or manually.
  4. Click ‘Create Rooms’ to get another panel where you can add extra rooms and access further settings.
  5. Here you can assign presenters to each room, set a time limit, and more.
  6. To manually assign participants or edit which room they’re in, click ‘Assign participants’
  7. This opens a new window where you will see a list of participants, where you can unassign, assign rooms, and change which room each participant is in.
  8. Once assigned, click “Open” to open the rooms to start the breakout rooms.
  9. While the rooms are running you can join any of the rooms, make announcements to all of the rooms, and close the rooms manually.
  10. Now you know how to create and manage your breakout rooms.

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