How-to: Understand & Edit SharePoint Permissions

How-to: Understand & Edit SharePoint Permissions

This is the next episode in a series of Bedroq ‘How-to’ videos, where Bedroq will take you through some of the latest features discussed in our What’s New in Microsoft 365 webinars.

In this video you learn about how to understand and edit SharePoint Permissions when sharing files or folders.

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Why is it important to manage SharePoint permissions properly?

By understanding permissions and how to edit them as needed, is important for keeping on top of who has access to files or folders. It’s particularly important to manage SharePoint permissions when externally sharing files or folders, but it’s almost important to keep on top of your internal permissions – your IT administrator(s) will appreciate you for it!

Managing SharePoint Permissions – Step-by-step guide:

  1. You can access the Sharing Settings menu in multiple ways – from within an open document, through SharePoint, through OneDrive, or in your File Explorer.
  2. Within this menu, you can manage the permissions for “People within [your organisation]”, “People with existing access”, and “People you choose”. This changes the sort of link that will be sent and the sort of authentication it needs.
  3. In this menu you can also decide if those with access are able to edit the document or just view it – very important for sharing externally.
  4. Additionally, you toggle whether or not those with access can download the file or not.
  5. You can see who has access to files, and what sort of permission you have. Within this, you can remove permissions or access.
  6. Some points to think about: Make sure your document is in the correct location to start with, and that’s up to you or your organisation; Does the person you’re sharing it with already have access to it; and Do you want them to edit or just view the document.
  7. Keep on top of these permissions, and you can keep your documents safe, ensuring everyone has the right level of access. Plus, you’re IT Admin(s) will be very thankful.

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