TSU Conference: Reflection and Anticipation

TSU Conference: Reflection and Anticipation 

With this year’s TSU Conference just a few months away, let’s take a moment to look back at the insights and experience we gained from last year’s event. The TSU community came together in November 2022, sharing ideas, innovations, and challenges, which sparked discussions that have paved the way for exciting progress in our field. 

We had many interesting conversations with people working at all levels and across many different organisations, from young apprentices from the NCA, to others who have dedicated their entire careers to delivering vital work in and alongside TSU units across the country.  

What We Learned 

There had been plenty of technological progress made across the wider TSU community last year, but there were still some running themes in the topics discussed and challenges to overcome. 

Simplifying Evidence Management: 

A recurring theme that emerged early on in the 2022 Conference was the crucial need for efficient and traceable evidence storage. Taking cues from traditional document version control practices (that we must do to secure our ISO9001 compliance), Bedroq have been looking at options to adapt this concept for the management of video evidence. 

Navigating Data Storage Challenges: 

The complexity of data storage, particularly for Official and Secret level data, brought many people to our stand to talk about Bedroq’s UK-based private data centres last year. The significance of upholding police-approved, UK-exclusive data centres was emphasised, highlighting the necessity for careful contemplation of options when transitioning to big data storage solutions. 

Confronting Workforce Hurdles: 

There was a prevalent cause for concern which resonated across all TSU units at last year’s conference, called the ‘manpower problem’. Essentially, the scarcity of new recruits to replace those retiring was, and still is, a shared worry. In an ongoing effort to offer more accessible training courses tailored to apprentice TSUs, Bedroq have been proactively exploring avenues to contribute to the growth and reinforcement of law enforcement teams. 

Advancing Video Analytics: 

Jamie Townsend’s (MET) presentation on video analytics stirred tremendous enthusiasm last November. As a Milestone partner, Bedroq have been working on incorporating appearance search solutions into existing VMS (Video Management System) platforms for some time now. You can now book a Bedroq Seek demo with us to be able to see firsthand, the pivotal role video analytics will play in shaping the future of law enforcement operations. 

Anticipation for This Year’s Conference

Bedroq are looking forward to the upcoming TSU Conference, to learning more, and to contributing to the ongoing partnership between the technological world and the law enforcement world. 

We’d like to invite all attendees to visit our stand, where we can discuss our newest innovations and solutions designed to empower law enforcement agencies. 

We’ll be sure to share more details as and when we learn about this year’s conference.